Natural Sacred Energy

Most religious paths look to some sort of scripture or holy text, a prophet, saviour of humanity or other religious type figure for guidance and spiritual understanding. I look to life and contemplation in the natural world around me. The earth, it’s lands and oceans, the life within that even the sky and the universe. These are all living and changing things and in their own wonderful existence are expressions of holiness and sacredness. By paying attention to what is happening in the world around me I find inspiration and insight into my own existence.

With a natural religion it is a vital goal to experience the life force energy of the natural world and how it flows within the self. It is this essence of life that is the divine within us and the natural world. It is by learning to recognise this essence of life, or the spiritual self, it is far easier to see it is the same energy that defines other people, animals, trees and the world around us.

Many will say that natural beliefs are witchcraft, but witchcraft isn’t a spiritual system of faith or beliefs. It is experiential in that one doesn’t have to believe that this or that is sacred, one doesn’t have to believe in deity or holiness. Witchcraft is the doing, the practice and learning of self and the world we inhabit and understanding that spiritual connection by feeling and seeing it.

Beliefs have limitations and restrictions defined by the critical thinking mind. Thinking can help with understanding the theory in logical terms, but it cannot replace the real experience of spirituality. Thinking helps us learn to do things in our everyday rational lives such as maths, reading a book, driving a car and making decisions. Thinking comes unstuck when we are faced with the illogical and the irrational.

Thinking itself, relies on opinions and beliefs and as such it is restricted to the brain and does not inhabit the entire body in a holistic way. To fully experience anything, one must open the senses to touch, see, hear, smell and taste what it is happening. I can tell you my cup of coffee tastes good but unless you taste it for your self it is simply a belief and opinion that my coffee tastes good. Opening the senses is the beginning of spiritual awakening and the best place to prepare the self to fully appreciate the life experience of living.

Love and light


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