Sensual Oblivion

Form: Free Verse

As we make love
I am falling apart
a deep breath regaining self-control
amid the cascade of desire
like the pleasure within a dream
touched by the tears of love
and the limitless surrender
we make at the altar of hedonism
that infinite communion of mind
and soul
so delicate and fragile in the moment
and each moment as gentle as silk
caressing against the skin
as it unwinds like a veil
tumbling to the floor on a wedding night
eyes glistening in anticipation
enflamed by kisses inciting
the mind to open to the torment
of crushing desire
the desire to touch
to embrace before falling
like nymphs in purgatory
consumed by the flames of want
as our bodies crash
entwined in the unity of the fuck
our bodies thrusting
while our souls dance lightly
among the stars
and our overwhelmed minds close
owned by the pleasure
the immense feeling of consummation
of our love
easing the agony of desire
in the echoes of our own sensual oblivion

© JG Farmer 2019

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