Edge of Twilight 11 – Unexpected Guests

The sun glistened on the lower limbs of the forest trees. Inside the wolf lair there was a kerfuffle in the main room. Six wolves stared at the two figures in the dim light. Brach turned to his mate. ‘Achak, wake up the Young Vixen’

The she-wolf entered the small side room where the Young Vixen was sleeping. ‘Chepi, wake up, Brach needs to see you.’

The Young Vixen stirred and looked at the wolf a look of shock. ‘What… who… oh yes Brach.’

Achak nodded, ‘it has been a lot for you to take in,’ she said, ‘I’ll wait here while you get yourself together, but Brach is not patient so please hurry up.’

A few minutes later the Young Vixen and Achak walked to the main lair. ‘Come here Vixen, if you please’ Brach snarled.

Looking around her, the Young Vixen couldn’t see Zuzu, Bel or the Old Fox. Fear rushed into her and she almost turned tail to run. Chepi nuzzled beside her. ‘That’s right, scare the poor girl,’ she snarled towards Brach, ‘Sometimes you are a complete dolt.’

In a softer tone she said, ‘don’t worry Chepi, I’m right here beside you.’

As the pair reached Brach the rest of the pack moved to one side revealing the two figures. One rushed forward squealing ‘Auntie’ as he flung himself at the Young Vixen. It was Rigby and Vanda’s young male cub.

‘Skid, what the bloody hell are you doing here,’ the Young Vixen yelped as she mothered the cub beneath her front legs.

‘He found me and brought me here’ said the cub, pointing at a raccoon.

Brach stared fiercely at the other figure, ‘right you, racoon, you have some explaining to do, get on with it, or I personally will tear you apart.’

‘Look here, it’s like the cub said, right. I found him lost in the forest and brought him here. I couldn’t take him into Woodland Trail you got your rozzers all over the shop.’

Before Brach could respond the Young Vixen riled up, ‘it’s Rigby, what the hell have you done with the other cubs, with Vanda and where the hell is my brother?’ she growled as she flew at the racoon.

‘Oi boss, get your bitch under control,’ yelped Rigby

Brach pulled the vixen back, ‘calm down my dear, scum like that isn’t worth losing your dignity for.’
He turned to Rigby, ‘the lady’s questions need answers, maybe you can regain some decency and talk with us.’
‘Si will kill me.’

‘I will kill you if you don’t. Choice is yours, raccoon.’

©JG Farmer 2019

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