The Shamanic Gene

Many practitioners of Paganism have shamanism within their spiritual activities. I am no different in that. It is not something I searched for as I don’t think one can search for it. The inherent aspects of the shaman are naturally part of the being and in all of us. Recognising them and accepting they are part of the self is the hard work.

I work closely with the natural world around me, which is a shamanic trait. That wouldn’t have been enough to intuitively attract me to the shamanic aspects of my path as it is something I do anyway. I am a healer, another trait of the shaman, again it is something I do anyway. On a psychic level I am very aware of the spiritual energy of things around me, both negative and positive. I do that anyway. In meditative trance I have received visions and messages which at the time I may not have understood fully, or even at all, but they have come through in the end. Repeating myself, it is something I do anyway.

Perhaps that is my point, these traits are something we do anyway, without overthinking them. It is overthinking that makes recognition and acceptance difficult. Overthinking intuitive behaviours makes the mind ignore them as meaningless when in fact they are anything but meaningless. I have heard these traits be referred to as the source of a witch’s magical power, and I suppose in some ways that is true enough, but without recognising intuitive self the power has no place to go so self-recognition and acceptance is just as much a part of the power.

In Love and Light


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