Just before Sunrise

Listening to Tiesto is very powerful for my meditations and makes me focus on, to quote Douglas Adams, the life, the universes and everything. What does it mean? I don’t think the answer is 42, however, but who knows it could be.

From chaos there came a great explosion, and the mayhem of existence began, from a moment fifteen billion years ago came life. From that big bang came the foundations of all that is, the first atoms and the first elements of life.

It has taken the universe billions of years to get this far through evolution after evolution to reach the very existence of life including that of humanity. In that time our own species has evolved and grown discovering the world and dividing it further and further apart into continents, countries cities, towns and villages.

People are growing apart instead of coming together and it is a path of destruction. We are not being led to the meaning of life by our governments but that of hate and war. How can we connect with the power of the universe and make our way back to our origins, to the very essence of life?

The only way is to learn together using science to understand the core elements that make our existence possible. Science is not the enemy; the political shenanigans of hate are. It is vital that we learn about the power of existence and the function the elements play in our foundations, the elementals of life, of living.

It is powerful and deep thinking; meditation does not make it any easier to face the reality that our species is its own worst, a hostile attack on our Mother planet and will eventually destroy the world as we know it. However, understanding the elementals I know the Earth will come back stronger than ever, we won’t be here and that is our own fault.

©JG Farmer 2019

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