Symbolry of the Mind

Prompt: What is symbolry for?

In its broadest sense anything that is a form that represents something is a symbol. Of course, in spiritual matters symbolry is often far more abstract than that. Spiritual symbols represent deep principles, philosophies and concepts so defining them becomes a lot more complex. Personally any symbols I use represent my own insight and magical learning. They are echoes of the divine that I can touch and focus upon as and when I need to.

It is common across the globe for doves to be a symbol of peace or a divine message. I see most if not all birds as messengers of the gods in some way. My gods are not the silent type and reminders of the divine are there throughout nature, from the tidal flows of the seas to the whispering breeze in the trees. It is up to me to listen, and if needs be, take heed.

As in most religions, symbols represent truths that go beyond mere words. As in poetry it is the language of inference to the extraordinary and deep experiential moments of spirituality. The word ‘god’ is a simple linear word that refers to something so extraordinary it is beyond linear language. Deity transcends human limitations and ideas, yet most of us know what it means even if our view of divine deity is different.

My symbols reach into my deep mind and connect me to the divine ways of my deities and how I interact with them. Even observing the sunrise or sunset at equinoxes and solstices is symbolic as it connects with the natural seasons and their ordinances of life and fertility on the sacred Earth. Therefore Mother Earth is the greatest symbol there is, she is holding me as I make my way through life and picks me up when it all goes wrong.

I don’t need a building to find my deities, they are within me and all around me all the time. Some express their feelings of divinity by attending a church, mosque or some other dedicated building, I find that in the forests, on a beach as the waves roll over the shore, walking alongside a river and being with those I love. I know I am blessed by the gods to feel that and I grateful for that privilege.

©JG Farmer 2019

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