A Reflective Glance

Form: Free Verse

I caught a glance in the shop window
and saw her
and reeled away in disgust
she is not me
she will never be me
and I felt him breathe in
a gentle breath of silence
the breath of the poet
old-fashioned but not resigned
breaking out while binding
unpacking myself by packing my jocks
the poet understands
the longings of the man
and the poet speaks of love
in the hands of respect
always speaking to him
never her
and in the words of the poet
the man came alive
his scars are his story
his rights of passage
open wounds in the face of denial
his marks of survival
his personal war against the system
his is the prize of liberty
the prize of a warrior
healing and living free
no more shall he hide in the cages
of cisgender normality

© JG Farmer 2019

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