The Water Goblin by Antonín Dvořák

Title: The Water Goblin
Date: 1896

The Water Goblin is a symphonic poem. The source of inspiration for the piece was a poem found in a collection by Karel Jaromír Erben entitled Kytice. Four of the six symphonic poems composed by Dvořák were inspired by poetry found in that collection.

Composer: Antoni Leopold Dvořák
Movement: Classical
Born: 8 September 1841
Died: 1 May 1904

Antoni Leopold Dvořák was a composer and one of the first to achieve worldwide recognition. In line with the Romantic era’s nationalist idiom he frequently employed rhythms and other aspects of the traditional folk music of Moravia and his native Bohemia. Dvořák displayed musical gifts from an early age as an apt student of the violin from the age of six. The first public performances of his work were in 1872 in Prague. Following an attack of influenza he died on 1 May 1904 leaving many unfinished works. Following the funeral service his aches were buried at the Vyšehrad cemetery in Prague, beneath a bust by Czech sculptor Ladislav Šaloun.

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