Spiritual Rest

Meditation is something most people have heard of for both spiritual and non-spiritual purposes. It does not only apply to this religion or that relaxation class. The first time someone suggested spiritual meditation I had visions of a room full of people in lotus position chanting the sound ‘ohm’ and of course this room was somewhere in the Himalayas.

Since then I have learned just how wrong I was and how important meditation is to me as a witch and a Pagan. I value my time sat quietly on my zafu. Even my zafu, or meditation cushion, is something I made myself as part of a personal affirmation that it is perfectly acceptable for me to be a bit nimble with a needle. Meditation is an art, and a very important part of a mystical and spiritual life.

Regular meditation often leads to profound insights that can have life-changing effects on spiritual understanding. It also helps to focus when working through the mundane and not so mystical aspects of life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting the mind relax and drift while doing the washing up. It helps promote relaxation, useful when having difficulty sleeping, and improves the concentration as well as improving overall health and well-being by reducing stress.

There are many ways to meditate and no one method is any better than another, it is what suits the practitioner at the time.

Eastern techniques from Japan, China and India lead the practitioner to a sense of physical and mental stillness. To experience multidirectional consciousness the churnings of the rational and cognitive mind need to be stilled intentionally. It is a matter of aligning the internal world of perception with the external world to a form one single unified reality that allows the perception of the unity of life and the imminence of deity.

Western methods are more interrelated with the scientific truths and objective realities. Western techniques aim to bypass the critical thinking mind with activity and imagery. Guided meditations that tell a story to take us on a journey to invoke a response within the mind. Using imagination to generate the stillness in a comforting and nurturing way.

However we get there, meditation allows us to connect to the divine that resides within and recharge our spiritual being and magical energy. Physically and mentally we cannot keep going without rest and sleep. It is essential we allow the spiritual being to rest too.

©JG Farmer 2019

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