Form: Free Verse

Another sign went unseen
a missed chance
to say
‘it’s ok’
lost and unobserved
a signpost
no longer hidden
on the long path
and I walk alone
but the path is clear
no longer faded
no longer hidden in time
as it diverges sharply away
from the road
used by normality
on a destiny to no place
while my feet carry me into the different realms
where my demons lay
in a crowd of judgemental derision
but I don’t share their thoughts
nor do I care what they think
those self-appointed denizens
that feed the mindless masses
from behind a TV screen
my life no longer belongs
behind a closet door
or locked in a cage
for nature has brought me
to a place I am meant to be
a breathing point
of freedom
and I am not afraid
to be me

© JG Farmer 2019

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