Logic and the Divine

In mainstream religious thinking there is a monotheistic philosophy on deity that also operates behind the scenes of our society. It permeates everything from religion to education and our culture. We are told that with logical and reasonable thought it is obvious there is intelligent design behind our existence and that of the universe. After all you don’t get apples on a cherry tree etc.

At this point the monotheistic believers make a leap in logic to form the conclusion one singular deity is behind it all. This deity also controls everything like some sort of tyrant. I say tyrant as this singular deity has some definitive opinions and regulations that humans should live with and if we don’t this being is vengeful. It is a mythology that has shaped the world view of millions of people.

What if we said ‘Our Mother in heaven’ instead? This one being whose gender, location and purpose shape how we live and interact in the world, could they be female? Now let’s pull away the comfort blanket completely and consider deity that is nothing like any of that. Do we immediately retreat to the old white man in white robes with long white hair and beard or can we see a beautiful woman, or a heroic man, or even both?

There is no logic in believing one being created the universe and even less in thinking it was created for the purpose of human beings. If this being is in control, why is humanity able to destroy the planet like it is? If logical thought is to be used, then it is clear there is more than one deity for if humans are created in the image of deity the logical evidence is right there in front of us. No two humans are the same. Humans come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and genders. Seeing deity in human form enables us to put shape, function and understanding into something that is far beyond our human knowledge, it is symbolry.

This symbolry enables us to garner the essence and energy of the divine. This divine energy is everywhere in the universe, above us, around us, below us and within us. The divine energy within us manifests through us at all times in many various and diverse ways. When we envision that divine energy as deity, we begin to understand ourselves. It is who and what we are.

Blessings of love and light


©JG Farmer 2019

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