Waxing Lyrical

Form: Free Verse

I want you to feel me beside you
sat on the bed
just sitting watching you
breathe in your desire
and I want to kiss you
but first
as you relax the slow drips
fall hot on your skin
and as each drop cools
the wax tightens
just a little
and I tell you I want to prove my love is yours
as the cold steel of my knife cuts
the lace of your bra
and more heat drips
onto the tender flesh of your breasts
I hear your gasps
I hear your moans
I feel you writhing beside me
and the soft whimper of surrender
as my cold fingers remove so many little white disks
and caress each red mark beneath
and you see
the pretty little reminders
vibrant on your skin
the proof of my love
then, only then, can I kiss you

© JG Farmer 2019

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