A Trio of P’s

Form: Epistle

To the sweetness within my heart

I am stuck in the trio of P’s again
the perfectionist accepting nothing less than absolute correctness
so procrastinating one word over another
and slipping into writing paralysis
so perhaps my pen should practice its art
limbering up in more lightweight tones of love
as I get over my idiot self
and show me and you that I am a professional
not a rank amateur repeating the agony
of the heartbreak hotel

So as my thoughts drift across the page
from the realms of old art
to the ecstasy of modernity and love
the here and now
so I can just see the sparkle of your eyes
that lights up my life
and let my feelings flow out in ink
the edgy insecurity of wanting too much too soon
yet is so sweetly divine
to want less is not good enough
for I know you are worthy of more
than I can ever give
so I reach higher
accepting my own imperfection
to embrace you for I love you
for all that you are
yet is that enough when I believe
you deserve so much more

and here comes the guilt
of pushing too hard
making you reach deep into your being
as we make love
releasing the wonder of the sensual
woman that I know you are
yet it is feeding my greed
the deep held need of a man
to possess and control
yet releasing you to the freedom
of orgasmic bliss

yet all I want is to keep
that femininity of you
when you are all woman
my woman
and I your man

with love
your crazy-assed poet

©JG Farmer 2019

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