Ms Lilly, my dear, give me your hand,
let me take you to a sensual promised land.
Soft tendrils of evocative silk stroking your face,
a greeting as we enter this velvet soft place.

Whispered the caresses of luscious arrays of rainbow colour,
prints mingling with checks, vibrant pinstripe and pretty flower.
Ms Lilly, sweet Lilly, let go of your fear and concern,
step into the realm of retail sensuality for which you so yearn.

Don’t stop yet, my dear do not tease, there is many a pleasure
awaiting your temptation, at your delight and your leisure.
Juicy peaches that dribble sweet on your chin,
sticky trails of fruitiness and a longing to give in.

Lose your awareness and grip on reality, let it slide,
as you engulf yourself in your desire’s lustful wild ride.
Come my Ms Lilly, fill your sweet honey basket with love,
chocolate covered fingers, a taste of heaven above.

Feel your excitement mounting as you reach out to the checkout girl,
hand her your card and let your senses take a whirl.
The rushing of sensation as your card she does swipe,
the realization that shopping is nothing but… sexual deviant hype

©JG Farmer 2008

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