Ballad Notes

The long measure ballad is a variant of common measure. It consists of four-line stanzas, each line ideally being iambic tetrameter or eight-syllables in length. The rhyme schema is abcb defe and so on. There is no limit to the number of stanzas.

Example: Adieu by Jez Farmer

Once it was you who ruled my pen
And like a child I obeyed you
The words at play within my dreams
Seem coldly confused and untrue

My ink and words respond no more
I don’t believe the words you sing
So, hush your mouth, don’t lie to me
This raven flies on his own wing

Through simple things a poet speaks
And he is calling you a liar
A fading spark unknown to love
And rains now fall to douse the fire

My pen replies to what has passed
With silent words that speak so strong
Farewell dear muse the time has come
For Raven to sing another song

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