The Edge of Twilight 16 – Wolf Talk

As the sun rose the next day Brach and Achak chatted as they watched over the lair. ‘Is it really all over, Brach?’

‘It is for our part of the woods, the Bray has influences all over, unfortunately.’

‘Our work isn’t done, then.’

‘Probably not, we will have to support the other wolf packs. We wouldn’t have got through the last few months without them.’

Achak sighed. ‘That’s all very well. We need to make sure the vixen and the cubs are okay too.’

‘They need to stand alone too.’

‘Not yet, Chepi is young and has much to learn about raising young.’

‘True, and I didn’t say we would abandon them. Nor will Bel. Achak, the foxes do need to be in their own place, they are safe here, but they are not wolves.’

‘I know, but I have enjoyed having Chepi here.’

‘You have become friends?’

‘I guess so.’

‘Now our woods are safer, it isn’t so far for either of you travel to see each other.’

‘I suppose not.’

‘You and I will escort the foxes home tomorrow. That way you will learn the route to Woodland Trail.’

‘Thank you, Brach.’ The spark in Achak’s eyes said a whole lot more.

Brach smirked. He and the Old Fox had been right. It was time for Achak and the pups to roam outside the lair. A friend out at Woodland Trails would be good for both wolves and foxes.

©JG Farmer 2019