The Balance of Energy

Over the centuries, humanity has tried to give the great energy of the universe a name, god, great spirit, Tao, Buddha and so on. However, no words can adequately express the energy which binds the universe together.

By nature this universal energy is dichotomous. Just like the oceans, it manifests in waves of peaks and troughs in natural balance. It is hot, it is cold; it is light, it is dark; it is male, it is female, and it is life and death. As a witch I symbolize my understanding of this divine energy as male and female, as gods and goddesses.

However, I don’t believe in literal deity, they are just representations of nature and how nature expresses the universal energy. This energy that is the universe is also here on Earth, it is also in me. I see nature in all its wonderful diversity as an expression of the divine, the universe.

This polarity is found in all aspects of nature, I see it every day with the Sun and the Moon, the god and the goddess in balance. Neither can exist alone but together they are powerful. Understanding that polarity is within me is my path to enlightenment.

Love and light

©JG Farmer 2019

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