Journey to a Moon

Form: Free Verse

In ink he drew the map
a pathway of blue lines on my skin
the pathway to you and me
becoming one

Then the slow walk
that wasn’t really that slow
but felt like eternity
to the room
where I laid silent
they injected me with numbness
count to five
I didn’t make three

In darkness I felt nothing
until the lights came on
but still there was no pain
just relief
all was done

Later pain hit me
like a bus out of nowhere
no warnings nor gentle awakening
just impact
and a groan
I think that was me
before the morphine erased my senses

My body wrapped tight
beneath the cream gauze
I couldn’t see
and for days
hardly daring to breathe
the parcel remained
until he removed it
revealing my body
the ink was gone
replaced by moonbows
and I was me

© JG Farmer 2019

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