The Divine Polarity

The sun and the moon are two basic and deeply spiritual phenomena in nature and symbolize the polarity of the male and female, god and goddess, energies. It is the interplay of the sun and moon that gave life to the earth and maintains life on our planet. It is the basic truth that life exists in a state of interdependence.

Without the sun there would be no light and no life on earth. The sun gives life to the plants which in turn give life to the animal world, including humans. The moon, as it reflects the light of the sun, caresses the earth with that reflective glow and allows life to rest and rejuvenate. Without the moon’s regular rhythm of night life would wither away and die.

The sun is also symbolic of masculine and active energy and likewise, the moon is feminine and receptive energy. The natural interplay of the sun and the moon not only maintains life but infuses it.

The food we eat is of the light of the sun and the moon, and all the other natural phenomena that comes together to form food. We cannot survive without either and they form and nurture our bodies and minds.

In love and light

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