Night Thoughts

Form: Epistle

My princess, my own beautiful princess

Tonight I feel you so much as my hunger and desire for you surge through my body
and I can’t call it being in love as that is to put a limit on my feelings
a label
and feelings don’t have labels they just are
feelings that I want to feel without restriction of definition
as they fill me with emotions that play havoc on my body
and torment my mind with recollective images of you and me
as we make love –

No –
as we fuck.

My mind is lost as I remember the touch of your fingers on my skin
and I want to feel the blood trails
left by your nails
tearing into my back
and I want to be with you now so you can do it again
and I want you to call my name releasing that beast within me
as we soar to those wonderous places
to lose our fucking minds to the insanity of passion.

For a brief heartbeat I wonder can these feelings be real
and I know they are
yet while we are apart, they seem like wild fantasy
and this separation breaks my heart
with such pain I need to feel as it is you holding me
I need the pleasure
I need the pain
I need the fucking intensity that is you and me
and I guess what I am trying to say in my own crazy-assed way
is how much I fucking need you.

My love with you, my princess
your crazy-assed poet

©JG Farmer 2020

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