The Kiss of the Sea

Form: Blank Verse

So calmly the night sea reflects the moon
As in its fullness the tide laps the shore
A companion to he who walks alone
The beach of thoughtfulness and his dreams
Inhaling the sweet scent of the night air
Idle eyes watching the moon on the bay
All is quiet except for the sound of
The sea and the gentle song of the waves
Where the ocean meets the pebbles and stones
The sea sings as it draws back its caress
Before returning like a lover’s kiss
And he thinks of the storm he left at home
As the rage of his mood gently subsides
As if cast into the sea’s ebb and flow
It’s then glances out across the black sea
As he turns to retrace his steps back home
Returned to love like the kiss of the sea

©JG Farmer 2020

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