True Colours

Form: Free Verse

I watch your act
and don’t ask questions
just like your layers of make up
it is all a sham
a stage where you can belittle
a guy like me
your head’s in your ass
if you think I am that blind
yet I watch without question
or a never you mind
sooner or later
the true flags of colour will show
and still you degrade me
when no one is looking
so, the world thinks you are sweet
putting up with a guy like me
but it’s not as you think
so, I just sit biding my time
as it is not up to you
not your call to make
for one day, it will be all too late
as I walk away
leaving behind the fakery of
‘I love you but…’
And baby I ain’t looking back

©JG Farmer 2020

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