Divine Balance

The universe is one great energy that governs existence. Across the world many people try to give this unity of energy a name: ‘god’, ‘Great Spirit’, ‘Tathata’, ‘Allah’, and ‘Tao’ to choose just a few. However, there are no words that will adequately describe the spiritual energy of the universe which binds together the entire phenomenal world.

By its very nature spiritual energy is dyadic and binary. Like electrical currents, spiritual energy is embodying in a natural balance of waves and troughs. This balance manifests as hot and cold, life and death, active and passive and so on. The Chinese symbolise this single energy of the universe as both Yin and Yang. As a witch my own perception of the divine energy of the universe is in male and female terms – that of gods and goddesses.

However, my belief is not in the literal meaning of deity, my gods and goddesses are symbolic representations of how the natural world expresses this divine spiritual energy. In my early studies of my path I learned a very basic axiom about magic – ‘as above, so below’ – and that still holds true years later as I see nature as a reflection of spiritual energy. From the budding leaves of rebirth on the trees in spring to the beautiful colours of death in autumn, nature is manifesting the expression of the divine universal spirit. Where there is light, there is darkness and neither can exist without the other.

Blessed be
Raven )O(

©JG Farmer 2020

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