The Morning After

It’s Saturday morning and my head is throbbing. Vague recollections of Matt and a crowd of guys in Kelly’s Bar and a river of scotch, mainly drunk by me by the feel of my head. I was barely awake when some lump of a copper came stomping into my bed… no cell, how the hell had I got here?

‘Come on, you have some questions to answer you do.’

‘So do you, how the hell did I get here?’

‘You’ll work it out soon enough, fella, come on.’

I pulled the blanket and wrapped it round my shoulders. Then I saw my hands. ‘What the fuck…’

‘Ahh, don’t worry about that, you got cut up a bit in the chaos, no stitches though, you were lucky?’

‘What happened?’

‘As I said you will work most of it out, probably better that way.’

The copper showed me into an interview room, You sit there DCI Nesbit will be in with you shortly.

‘Any chance of a coffee or something?’

‘Sure, but it will be something as the drinks machine has drink identity issues,’ he chuckled.

He seemed a friendly enough bloke, for a copper. The DCI bloke on the other hand was something else. Reassurance wasn’t his middle name or even his last.

‘So Mr Kairns, what can you tell me about last night?’

‘Not a lot as I only remember having a drink with some friends at Kelly’s, then waking up here.’

‘Is that right, Mr Kairns?’

‘Yes, that’s right.’

‘Ok, so your friends, were they?’


‘In the habit of keeping friends with criminals are you, Mr Kairns?’

‘What? No, I am not.’

‘I see. Tell me how well do you these friends, Matthew Carnegie, Stuart Dunbar and Luke Stevens, in particular.’
‘Well, Matt and I work together at Taylor’s Logistics, the other two I have seen a few times at Kelly’s that’s all, I wouldn’t say I know them more than the names Stu and Luke.’

‘How long have you known Mr Carnegie, Matt?’

‘Since he started at Taylor’s, oh about three or four years, I guess.’

‘Interesting. Do you know anything about guns Mr Kairns?’

‘Apart from they go bang and kill people, no.’

‘So you have never seen any guns when with your friends?’

‘No, what are you getting at?’

‘Don’t panic, Mr Kairns, we know you are not involved in anything, we just want to know what you know about Carnegie and his mates,’ said DCI Nesbit. ‘What type of trade does Taylor’s deal with, where from and where to?’

‘It’s mainly fruit, oranges from Spain and Italy. We send it out all over the country.’

‘Italy, would you know where in Italy?’

‘Not sure, I just work in the warehouse.’

‘Ok, so what about last night?’

‘What about it?’

‘Do you often take narcotics, Mr Kairns?’

‘No, never.’

‘Did your drinks taste odd?’

‘I can’t remember.’

‘Do you normally get so drunk you can’t remember?’


‘Do you remember any shots being fired?’

‘I remember drinking scotch and chatting to Matt about the latest Bond film and then nothing.’

‘Can you remember what time that was?’

‘No later than ten, the news was on the big screen.’

‘I see, that makes sense,’ said Nesbit. ‘Now I must tell you we are aware you got caught up in this mess and were heavily doped, probably a spiked drink. I think it was probably the best thing your so-called mate, Matt, could have done as he knew damn well there was a deal going down.’

‘I am going to kill him…’

‘Too late Mr Kairns, Stuart Dunbar did that for you. For your own safety I want you to remain here at the station as he’s still out there, but we have him cornered.’

©JG Farmer 2020

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