The Hay Wain by John Constable

Title: The Hay Wain
Date: 1821
Movement: Romanticism, Naturalism
Media: Oil on canvas
Location: The National Gallery, London, UK

One of the most celebrated and widely known works by John Constable, ‘The Hay Wain’ was considered unremarkable when first exhibited. The depiction of the River Stour radiates with optimism and serenity that is consistent throughout the colour palette. The blue sky Is coolly reflected in the river and the terracotta hues of the house highlights the red of the horse’s harness. Framed by the variated hues of green and yellow of the vegetation and the meadow which continues beyond the canvas Constable opened the space to the viewer. The river meanders through the painting to draw the eye from the trees to the Hay Wain which becomes the focal point.

Artist: John Constable
Date of Birth: 11 June 1766, East Bergholt, UK
Died: 31 March 1837, London, UK

© JG Farmer 2020

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