The Maiden Goddess

In witchcraft, the female energies or goddess manifests in the three symbolic forms, the maiden, the mother, and the crone. They are also often seen as the common stages of womanhood. In fact, they are symbolic of the internal stages of consciousness that we all, as human beings, pass through in life, regardless of gender. Each of the three symbols has its own characteristics and I will cover each separately. For now, I am going to focus, as the title suggests, on the maiden goddess.

The maiden symbol is indicative of youth, freshness, newness, brilliance, beginnings, and simplicity. She aligns with the symbolic correspondences of spring, the east, and sunrise. She signifies potential and is potential itself. She is the future, the fecundity of creativity and the fertility of nature. She is often represented as a newly planted seed, full of potential that is yet to grow. She is the innocence of humanity, its pure and raw energy.

On the darker side of things, the maiden cannot realize potential and is stuck in her own youth. In the aspect of maiden, the goddess can appear as lacking depth as she cultivates human talents without the required knowledge. Like children who are growing and learning our talents need to be encouraged and nurtured. It is in this darker aspect of the maiden we see our own human unworldliness, fears, and over-dependence on other people.

The maiden goddess is known by several names including: Pandora, Arachne, Persephone, Aphrodite, Venus, Tana, Ariadne, Artemis, Athena, Brigid, Branwen, Ostara, Indunn and Gaia.

Correspondences of the Maiden Goddess

Lunar: New moon
Season: Late winter, early spring
Colour: Orange
Sabbat Celebration: Imbolc, February 2
Compass Direction: Northeast
Time of Day: The darkness just before dawn
Planet: The moon
Incense: Myrrh, orris root
Herbs: Bay, Angelica
Chakra: 2nd

In love and light

©JG Farmer 2020

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