Nuper Rosarum Flores by Guillaume Dufay

Title: Nuper Rosarum Flores
Date: 1436
Era: Renaissance

Nuper Rosarum Flores is a motet composed for the consecration of the Florence Cathedral in 1436. It presents homographic tenors and is not an isorhythmic motet as there are no isorhythms in its composition. The title comes from the name of the cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore

Composer: Guillaume Dufay
Born: 13 August 1397, Beersel, Belgium
Nationality: Franco-Flemish
Died: 27 November 1474, Cambrai, France

Guillaume Dufay was a composer of the early renaissance. A key figure of the Burgundian School he was regarded as one of the leading composers of the mid-15th century. The contrapuntal and complex motet Nuper Rosarum Flores exemplifies Dufay’s influential musical ideas during the early Renaissance.


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