Bee Love Award

Looking out the window it is a cold, grey day so my thanks to m’lady Horty for brightening up the day by nominating me for this award. I am always tempted to write a ‘I would like to thank…’ thing at this point and this time I am going to.

I would like to thank Horty Rexach and her blog It Is What It Is, which is an awesome blog by the way, for her wonderful supportive friendship over the years, and hope for many years to come. The world has changed since we started out here on WordPress, and not always for the good, but we are still here doing our bit to make the good times matter and to put a voice of ‘not on my watch’ to the not so good. Thank you m’lady xxx

A musical interlude and I have chosen Lindsey Sterling’s Elements as a certain Horty introduced me to it a ‘cough choke splutter,’ yeah a few years ago.

My sole intent in nominating other bloggers and their blogs is to say you and your work make the blogosphere a better place and I would like to thank you for that on my own behalf and for your followers. Please do not feel obligated to do anything other know you are appreciated.


Attach the Bee Love Logo on top.

Ping back to Rachana Dhaka.

Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you.

Nominate fellow bloggers. And tell them on their blogs that they have been nominated.


My Nominees, as always, start with a pay it back to the person nominating me

Horty Rexach – It Is What It Is
Ivor – Ivor Poet/Plumber
PoEternal –
Perception –
Lennon Liberated –
Julie de Rohan –

My thanks to you all for making my piece of the blogosphere a better place

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