Bush Ballad Meter Sonnet Notes

Created by: Lawrence Eberhart.
Meter: Lines1 through 12 alternate 15 and 11 syllable. Lines 13 and 14 each have 15 syllables
Structure: Octet and sestet
Rhyme Scheme: ababcdcd efefgg

Example: The Magic by Jez Farmer

Only lovers share the true secrets of love that touch the soul
The mystery hidden betwixt stars and moon
And none may know why the simple kisses make two lovers whole
Yet witness the magic of the sacred rune
A silent whisper that called two hearts to always beat as one
In the knowledge that love is forever true
For Fate has cast her magic and it can never be undone
As a one kiss sealed love between me and you
In the spell of destiny, we must learn to let feelings show
To touch the moonlight where our journey began
For it is in each embrace our love can only grow
To soar the open skies upon this sweet ecstatic wingspan
Once kissed, never forgotten in this, the magic I speak of
There lies the secret, the secret known only to true love

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