Journey’s End

It had been a long voyage, and not always a smooth one. There had been several days and weeks when passengers were advised to stay in their cabins rather than wander the decks.

Not a problem each cabin was a luxury suite, and the lounge area of each suite had a massive entertainment system as well as serene décor and furnishings. In the dining area, there was a top of the range food generator so a rocky jaunt to the restaurant was not necessary.

As we approached the Sjofn system I was relaxed in my quarters, my bags repacked after 18 months aboard. Yes, it was a luxury suite, but I was glad to be seeing the back of it. The bulk of my luggage was in the centre of the hallway, my backpack and hand luggage on the chair. I just had time for breakfast.

I asked for tea and a bacon sandwich. Both appeared after the customary glowing red made by the machine as my food was prepared. A strong cup of Assam tea and a sandwich stuffed with just crispy, smoky bacon – perfect.

I had just wiped the last drops of the cheeky brown sauce from my lips when the ship’s Tanoy blared into life. ‘We will shortly be docking at the planet Jovian, will all passengers leaving the ship for Jovian and the Jovian moons please go to their departure point. Thank you for travelling with Virgin Interstellar. Have a nice dayyyyy!!!’

So, this was it, the end of the journey and the beginning of my new life on Jovian.

©JG Farmer 2020

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