Sapphic Sirens

Form: Sapphic Stanzas

Mermaids by Boris Vallejo

Legends tell tales from the past,
Of oceans deep that secrets keep.
Enigmas of the ancients’ cast.
Why does she weep?

It’s at the fall of dusk to night,
The maidens of the sea come sing.
Radiant pale in the moon’s light
Their voices ring.

Their songs work magic on the mind
Enchanting those that lend their ears.
The quest, those sweet beauties to find
And spare her tears.

Be warned! They are not such a dream
Danger lurks beneath ladies fair.
Beauty is not all it would seem.
Brave heart takes care.

Journey starts at the island’s stone shore
Await the ship with the golden mast.
Take safe passage and nothing more,
Cross oceans vast.

Sail the sea to the west, it’s said,
To the lands of the Elfin King.
Succeed so his daughter may wed,
Search for the ring.

Then onwards to the rising sun
To the secret isle where they sing.
Golden hair sways, with the night fun
That moonlight brings

©JG Farmer 2008

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