I Need a Hero

Form: Free Verse

Texte: Where have all good men gone and where are all the gods – Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

if this obsession can be called love
moved by you
and to you
my strength ebbing into weakness
for passion and obsession
has weakened me

Passion and obsession
as I try to deny it
and like grief it cannot be pushed away
doubled and tripled
like death
it has come and it will stay
it will get stronger
the longer I refuse to accept it
for my denial
feeds the hunger of desire
my desire
my want
and my need

The pretence is useless
in this utter futility of
pretending I am something I am not
something I cannot be
something I will never be
for I cannot win a race
against the beauty of love
for love in its tender caress
will comfort my fears
console my tears
and have the courage to be love
to be the love I need

©JG Farmer 2020

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