Form: Free Verse

I felt alone
and broken
a shattered soul of the night
held captive in a world
of no one to talk to
no one to understand
and I didn’t understand
afraid to speak out
for fear of rejection
imperfect inside
when outside demand perfection
to do what’s expected
and be what’s expected
without breaking the line
when the line is already broken
and one day
when he faced the anger
and hate
he will snap it completely
for the man inside
needed to be defined
and he became be non-existent
in the world
and the minority
but he still walked tall
without their approval
because the eyes that denied
his rights
were blinded by prejudice
that demanded he stood for their rights
above his own
for this community only acknowledged
and he had no place to go
until he walked alone

© JG Farmer 2020

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