More Stuff from the Hobbit Hole

I didn’t do an isolation post yesterday, instead I spent the time talking to my other half on the phone, as that is probably the best we can do right now. That bit of being in lockdown sucks big time, but hey we just got to make the most of it.

The weather has got a bit chilly so today would be the day I walk through my backyard to feed my koi and notice the pond may have sprung a leak. Fortunately it hadn’t, one of the rocks on the waterfall feature had slipped and was sending water out on to the patio. Of course, before working that out I had got thoroughly soaked and cold. Boredom was thus alleviated, I can think of better ways.

Not really the subject I was going to witter about either. Not even sure what it was going to be. HM Pussycat is sat on my shoulder watching proceedings as always, I think she calls it supervising the human so he doesn’t hurt himself, or something like that.

Not having any sport to keep me going I am finding some replacements – seriously it isn’t rugby but worth a giggle.

Stay Safe

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