The T-Shirt

Form: Epistle

My passion
in this dim light of early morning I feel you
not in the vague way over distance
but in that warm way of being so sure
behind closed eyes between sleeping and waking up
and I feel your fingers stretching and closing on my skin
and my body responds while my mind says I am dreaming
and I wish it was real

Perhaps it is real
perhaps the awakening is the dream
for I feel your lips kissing the back of my neck
your mouth brushing that little place
sending me crazy
making me yours before
before my senses unravel into oblivion
and I am no one’s
lost to the here and now of existence
and raging through the dark tunnels
into light
cleansed by the wonder of love
your love for me
and mine for you
my eyes open
and like a freshly laundered t-shirt
waits to be folded
I wait for you

Always, all ways
Your crazy-assed poet xxx

©JG Farmer 2020

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