He Came

Form: Sapphic Stanzas

He came to the dark shores that night,
A hero to be on his quest.
A mere boy is he, no brave knight
To do his best.

The tales of old, the only clue,
To the task he has set upon.
This is something he has to do.
Stories undone.

Sat on the pebbles, there he waits,
For a sign of that certain ship.
To travel the mystery straits,
A worthy trip.

Tall is he and full of brave will,
On a journey into despair,
Against the ocean’s endless chill
A fool’s affair?

What makes Philip, such a young lad,
Take up an impossible ask?
Duty, maybe he is quite mad?
Is it a mask?

No turning back his ship has come,
With his knapsack he steps on board.
The adventure has now begun
Cross the seas broad.

Another Place by Antony Gormley

©JG Farmer 2008

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