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Today the Hobbit Hole desk is, to say the very least, a bit cluttered with notes and research material as I am in the middle of an article and on a tight deadline.

Writing about art, the artists behind the art and art history is a fabulous job in many ways, and I know I am bloody lucky to be doing just that as I love art in all its forms.

On one side of my desk is a pencil drawing I am working on, yeahp, I do art as well. I prefer ink as a media but I am out of black ink and in no way can I say it is an essential purchase during these strange times so instead have ordered online. Meanwhile I have pencil and paint.

Anyway, back to writing, what do I find hardest about being a writer? I am sure I am not the only one who finds the blank screen or page in a journal daunting even on a good day. All the ideas seem to rush from the mind to another planet as the screen comes on.

I start the day with a free write to release that semi-panic feeling, most of which never get seen again as they are full trash. Some I do for my creative space posts and I use a prompt or image for those, they are more a little bit of flash fiction to be honest.

So while I am here a few prompts I have laying about in my journal, if you can use them please do, and ping back so I can read them.

A Word A Day (AWAD) is an awesome quick prompt for writing a free write round. Easy to subscribe to so it appears in email daily. AWAD can be found here –

Images, can come from anywhere. I really like black and white photos as they allow the imagination to bring colour and life into the story. I get daily posts Your Daily Photograph – usually more than one image to choose from – again, easy to subscribe to.

Child at a Window by Regene Radniecki

Music, while I love rock and metal it rarely inspires my writing, the classics and ambient music does and it is great as background while working. I shouldn’t really call it background fluff, as referring to Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and even Oldfield and Jarre as fluff is rather naughty.

Stay safe

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