Form: Free Verse

Through the window shines the moonlight
a lantern for the lateness of the hour
and as we stumble through the door
giggling it’s time for bed
he watches from his place on the quilt
as we help each other undress
between kissings and touchings
he’s watching them all taking them in
unnoticed by lovers
high on desire
with a little too much wine thrown in
and he’s watching
as her hand slips inside my jeans
and my fingers unhook her bra
more kissing
more undressing
until we slip into bed
naked as we always do
he moves to a better place
in cool observation, he waits
for us to kiss again
then meows loudly
as he always does
I know it’s my turn to cool my hunger
and feed the darn cat

© JG Farmer 2020

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