Dancers in Rehearsal Room by Edgar Degas

Title: Dancers in Rehearsal Room
Date: 1882-85
Movement: Japonism

During a period when Degas was furiously painting and drawing nude women in their boudoir settings, he never laid aside his theme of ballet. He was continuously trying to find new patterns and exploit the freshness of colour, atmosphere, and space for his dancers. His studies of anatomy energized his subjects and allowed Degas to stress the larger, simpler action of the basic form of the body in movement. In this depiction of the rehearsal room the device of dancers in pairs contrasts and compares their poses. The space of the room exaggerated by the weighted composition of several figures on one side and emptiness on the other and the use of light to streaming through a window to stress the contours and silhouettes.

Artist: Edgar Degas
Date of Birth: 19 July 1834, Paris, France
Nationality: French
Died: 27 September 1917, Paris, France

Remembered as an Impressionist, Degas was part of a group of Paris artists who exhibited together in the 1870s. He shared the novel techniques of capturing effects of light and scenes of urban leisure. Degas’ academic training and his leaning toward Realism set him apart from his peers and he rejected the label ‘Impressionist’ to describe himself as ‘Independent.’

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