The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

Title: Dinner Party
Date: 1979
Movement: Identity Politics
Media: Ceramic, porcelain, textile, glass
Location: Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum

A monumental installation, ‘The Dinner Party’ celebrates forgotten achievements in female history. The forty-eight-foot triangular table is set with symbolic places for thirty-nine guests, all remarkable women from various stages in Western civilization. Each setting has an individual runner embroidered with the guest’s name and imagery depicting her achievement. Each setting also includes a glass plate, decorated with a butterfly or floral motif symbolizing womanhood or the vulva. Incorporating a contemporary social event with the status of a banquet elevates the guests to a heroic role, traditionally a male epithet. Inscribed on the floor are the names of 999 additional women worthy of recognition. An icon of 20th century art, The Dinner Part is regarded as the most significant piece of feminist art. Its lasting importance is its defiance of traditional fine-art by representing female history suppressed by a patriarchal society.

Artist: Judy Chicago
Born: 20 July 1939, Illinois, USA
Nationality: 20 July 1939, Illinois, USA

Chicago was one of the 1970s pioneers of Feminist art that questioned the authority of the male-dominated Western world, seeking to redress the tradition of women in visual arts.

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