The Familiars

Prompt: Choose an animal and write about it

Well now, we all know the animal I choose will be the cat. I am unashamedly a cat-daddy and love the wider cat species. I truly believe one cannot own a cat they choose to stay with us and it is a privilege to be chosen. As a witch, I have also been privileged to have a few cats who have been a bit more than the domestic pet and join me in my magical workings as a witch’s familiar, a post currently held by Taliesin, a grey tabby queen.

This role through no coercing on my part seems to be a hereditary one. Taliesin is the daughter of Vlad the Impatient, the son of Crowe, son of Raven, son of Ash. That’s five generations by my maths. All five have been my familiars in witchcraft. Not sure who will follow Taliesin as due to drastic changes in my life I elected to not let her breed.

Ash was a rescue cat and arrived at my house one day, bedraggled and pregnant. She was a grey-blue Burmese and sadly no number of posters in shop windows and around the area found her original owners. So, this poor cat gave birth to Raven in my front room. She nearly died in the process but with lots of care from the vet and myself we got her healthy again. She chose to live with me for 10 years before she passed away peacefully, having over seen her family line to her great-great-grand-daughter, Taliesin.

©JG Farmer 2020

10 thoughts on “The Familiars

    1. Thank you, Ivor. I have to say my desk is never normally that tidy unless I am between projects – which doesn’t happen too often – I do put research books away now and then that is about it.


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