Meeting by James Turrell

Title: Meeting
Date: 1980
Movement: Light and Space
Media: Site specific installation
Current Location: Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

As the viewer enters an ordinary looking room to sit down on a wooden bench along one of the walls the eye is drawn upwards towards a rectangular aperture cut into the ceiling. Artificial orange light mingles with natural light to guide the visual senses and suggest the colour of the sky.

Turrell’s Skyspaces are permanent and site-specific installations designed to facilitate the viewer’s experience of the effects of changing light slowly over time and are the best-known works of the artist. The intention to join inside with outside, eliminating the ceiling to connect the eye directly with the sky. Arranged and modified by Turrell the work is an experience and the response of the viewer is an integral part of it

Artist: James Turrell
Born: 6 May 1943, California, USA
Nationality: American

Turrell is an artist primarily focussed on Light and Space. Turrell is an artist primarily concerned with Light and Space. He was a fighter pilot and has a degree in psychology. He is best known for his magnum opus and work in progress, Roden Crater, begun in 1977, and is a volcanic crater in central Arizona that Turrell is turning into a naked eye observatory.

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