Age and Wisdom

The goddess in her third aspect is the crone symbolised by the waning moon, she represents repose, wisdom, and decline. She is the grandmother, the archetype of feminine power turned inward. No longer in the beauty of full bloom she is full of seeds of wisdom and ready to teach the mysteries that lie beyond life and death to the inner secrets of magic, if only we would listen to her.

She has been around the block a few times and it is almost impossible to pull the wool over her eyes as she knows all the tricks. The personification of logical thought and common sense she is seasoned practicality.

The representation of justice and karma, it is through her that we reap from what we sow, good and bad. She is beyond the grasp of hope, dreams and wishes – she is all or nothing. She is the spirit within a witch that foresees the future and tells us what we want and don’t want to know, so that we may grow and change if needs be.

In her darker aspect, she can represent our internal energies of bitterness, jealousy, and self-isolation. An overabundance of these energies stifles our natural energy flow and that between ourselves and others.

Some names of the crone goddess are Hecate, Kali, Circe, Sekhmet, Inanna, Lilith, and Rhiannon.

Correspondences for the Crone:

Lunar Phase: Waning and Dark Moon
Season: Late autumn and winter
Colour: Indigo
Sabbat: Samhain, 31 October
Compass point: West
Time: Dusk
Incense: Mugwort, star anise, sage and cedar
Herbs: Nightshade and fly agaric
Chakra: 6th, the pineal, at the centre of the brow.

In love and light

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