Nature’s Embrace

Form: Quatrains

The sun setting on the horizon line,
As damask streaks appear in the dusk sky.
White crested the waves fall softly in line
To the shore where the noisy seagulls fly.

Between the day’s end and the darkest night,
Where the Sun King kisses his lady Moon.
They dance to bring a summer’s warming light
Stirring the deep rhythm of nature’s tune.

Pagan dancers join with the Solstice beat,
The world’s music flows on the breeze yonder,
Reaching the native warrior’s bare feet
Leaving all with a mystical wonder.

Nature’s embrace is a gift of free love
Softly her kisses on the wind travel,
Turn the circle on from the skies above
To the pulsing of the Sun King’s gavel

©JG Farmer 2008

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