Soul Mate

Prompt: Write about friendship

On this journey I call life, I have met a lot of people, some stayed for a while, and some of them are still with me many years down the road, and one who two have been there since I was a kid.

Now just because we have known each other forty odd years doesn’t mean we are in constant contact or living in each other’s pockets. We are not, we can go months and years without saying a thing to each other, but when it matters we are there for each other and the time that has gone by dissipates and means nothing.

The person I have in mind here, and she knows who she is so I will not embarrass her further, was among the first to step up to the mark when I was in HDU after surgery had gone wrong. Not only was she holding my hand when I was coming around and falling out, she stayed the whole night. Then once I was out of hospital she travelled a couple of hundred miles to just cheer me up as I was attached to a sucking machine that was taking the bug away. I know I would do the same for her, not because I owe her one but because she is my bestie, through thick and thin and other nerdy stuff that happens, we are there to back each other up.

That is friendship, that is soul mates.


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