Silk and Stays

Form: Free Verse

White tulle
lacing through my fingers
as I drape it lazily over
veiling the chair from sight
and pulling the bow undone
her hair falls forward
complicated delicate buttons
make me think in the sanguinity
of the promises made on an autumn day
tiny buttons and I have lost count
time passing slowly
until finally silk, satin and lace
part in a cascade
like waves breaking on the shore
and she stands there
wide eyes watching the window
as her dress puddles and pools
around her feet
and I face the insanity
of clips and clasps
straps and stays
the forgotten delights of corsetry
beneath her flesh waiting
release into the silence of the evening
disturbed only by whispers
of love and desire
and I heard her gasp at the touch
of my fingers on the first clip
releasing her slowly
into the long night

© JG Farmer 2020

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