Great Falls

Form: Bush Ballad Meter Sonnet

Equestrian Portrait of Charles I by Anthony van Dyck, 1637-38, oil on canvas
Located; The National Gallery, London, UK

In the days of Jack and Jill when Humpty Dumpty had a fall
All the king‘s horses tried and so did his men
To put him together; with no plasters, they could do fuck all
But watch him fall as children sing it again
No magic potions to soothe Humpty’s endlessly battered head
For the children are happy singing their song
No rest for Humpty until the kids are tucked up in their bed
His headache just bloody throbs all the day long
My dears, tomorrow spare a moment of thought for this chap’s plight
Get the kids to choose a different old tune
I know Mary is a contrary madam, she may well fight
But hey diddle and a cow jumps for the moon
Just give old Humpty a break with no falling for just one day
The king’s men on horses can find another damn place to play

©JG Farmer2020

2 thoughts on “Great Falls

  1. I enjoyed this piece Jez, and it reminded me of an old one of mine…
    Tell Humpty Dumpty

    I’m feelin’ groovy
    Without reeling
    Like a soft shoe shuffle
    Floating on air
    Without a stumble
    No crumbling or tumbling
    Tell Humpty Dumpty
    To hold the horses
    And the walking soldiers
    I’ve found my extra pieces
    On the other side of the fence
    I’ve fallen on my feet
    Like a cat with nine lives
    Lucky as a four leaf clover
    Like a minstrel boy and his violin lover


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