By Firelight

This lockdown due to Covid-19 could be all negative, but for the purposes of my spiritual free writes I am trying to focus on the wee positives as they make a difference to the impact on my own mental health. I don’t see a wee positive here, as, for me, it is a massive one. Isolation has allowed me to start up practices I had let fall by the path side, and I now realise I shouldn’t have done that.

Over the last few months I have started taking a day of contemplation at the beginning of the month. This allows me to look back on the previous month, acknowledging what I got right and more importantly I guess what I didn’t.

Friday 1 May was Beltane, and due to lockdown, we are not able to gather and celebrate the coming of the May as normal. Beltane marks the end of winter and the coming of summer so instead of a gathering I set a Beltane fire of my own looking back over the last six months of the winter and how much life changed very quickly. There must be something good we can take forward from this pandemic. To me is the ultimate tribute to all the suffering and dying going on right now. Those lives must not be forgotten and we have a duty to make the world a better place in their honour if nothing else.

On a personal note, Rebecca joined me by the fire through the power of phones. Not how I envisaged sharing sacred space with my fiancée but still, it is a start and held deep spiritual meaning for me at least. I have no doubt she thinks I am bat-shit crazy with my magical leanings. That’s okay, we are of different paths and we are cool with that.

The power for me is the reminder that separation is a physical thing, mentally and emotionally we are together, whatever life may choose to throw at us. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss our closeness, my gods I do, but it was a gentle reminder to focus on what we have right now and keep it strong. The non-physical matters too.

Beltane blessings
In love and light


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