Karma in Action

Form: Free Verse

Stay home
stay safe from the virus
but nothing saves us from the stupidity
of panic-buying morons
selfish bastards who think they matter more
than the old and the sick
in medical isolation
the me-me-me community
getting a smack in the face
from Covid 19
spent all their money on toilet rolls
now losing their jobs
and no money to pay for that third freezer
desperately filled with junk food
because McDonalds is shut during lockdown
and the me-me-me community is crying
while the old and the sick get on with it
like they always have done
the years of just getting-by
a virtue for the strange times ahead
now that is Karma in action
and now I am done
I will go wash my hands


7 thoughts on “Karma in Action

    1. Indeed it does, Sir. The story was too good not to use as a nugget of truth for this one. Now said person has two not very old freezers waiting to for collection by the local waste and recycle dept. I swear I am not grinning like a Cheshire Cat —- well, a little bit maybe


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