The Switch

Form: Quatrains

Watching you kneel in anticipation,
hunger glistening on your open thighs.
The crack of leather breaking the tension,
nothing can hide the glint in your brown eyes.
The twitching as tails strike against your flesh,
the longing inside building with each lash.
Each sensation, your submission refresh,
plaited suede trails, welts in reddened hash.
Soft and tender is the gentlest caress,
Senses confused, mixing nerve messages.
Offering desire for me to address,
Nipples clamped in metal corsages.
Ice drips cold in random order to tease,
molten wax sizzles on a vibrant stream.
Delirious whimpers of eager pleas,
mind whirling in wanton subspace dream.
Soft cries, are you wanting fulfilment yet?
Hunger for pleasure devilishly denied.
The S/m tango is our lover’s duet,
united in bondage our sensual ride.
But then my needs change… on my knees I am,
my longing is for you to dominate me.
Entwined with you, I am, your loving SAM,
bringing me to life, you have set me free


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